Alert for Marty . . . Arizona State grad transfer headed to Arkansas

Cole Austin . . . This will be one to check in with your ASU friend about.

Kid ended up not playing much there, but if your buddy is into ASU baseball, I’m sure he’ll have the scoop on him.

Apparently he is an infielder and the fact that we have accepted his transfer in at a time when DVH has notified 3 members of or incoming class that there is no room for them (because MLB didn’t poach anyone in our class) makes me think he can play. He was starting for ASU early this year but suffered an injury and was lost for the remainder of the season; but ASU was pretty good early. … e=ig_embed

suposedly a very good hitter with some Power but not too much in the field,Man we are going to have some offensive weapons like we have never had if those 2 Juco’s are as good as advertised,too many good players and too few positions…going to be interesting to see how all this plays out.

Dave Van Horn said he wants Matt Goodheart out of the DH spot. It sounds like Austin might be a good candidate to fill that role. … -arkansas/

I just saw that. My friend got all ticked off when they kept Tracy Smith as coach THIS year and gave up his tickets. He refuses to buy tickets until Smith and the current AD are gone. I’m not too sure how much he actually follows the team any more.

I just sent him an email with a link to Matt’s story. I’ll report his reaction if he responds.

Just curious, but where did you get this information? I follow baseball pretty close, and I’ve not seen this. Who were the three? Man, that’s got to be tough. Both ways.

“Unofficial” info provided by someone who is almost always reliable in his information regarding the Baseball program. Not sure who his connection is, but when I hear it from this source, I pay attention. But I’m not comfortable naming names at this time. I do believe these discussions are going on right now and not public. which is as it should be. Most likely, they are attempting to help the young men involved find “homes” elsewhere. I’m sure the names will come out soon enough. Apparently, a couple of these kids have been committed for two years. Tough situation.

But lest anyone get upset with DVH, this is the nature of college baseball, and these things happen at virtually ALL successful D1 baseball programs because of that doggone 11.7 limitation. It’s impossible for a coach to know who and how many will sign after the MLB draft. Then, there are others who choose to jump ship (see 2 players at Tech this year) because they are not happy with their role withing the program, which leaves holes that have to be filled. That can lead to some shifting on the roster.

I will say that I believe most recruits are (or should be) wise to what is going on and know that changes can and do happen in college baseball. Still, it can lead to some tough situations for all involved.

I know who you’re talkin about wiz and yes he’s spot-on with his information we will probably find that pretty quick who they are