Aledo DT Kyle "Boogie" Thompson among 14 Arkasnas PWO grid additions (story)


Is 14 PWO a normal amount or is that pretty unusual? It seems like a huge haul to me, but I don’t know anything.

More than normal.for a single class

You can bring in 20 overall (in all classes) for the start of practice along with 85 scholarship guys.

Everybody else has to wait until school starts to practice

Dudley, what is the process for kids who want to walk on and try for a spot on the team without an offer (i.e., non-preferred)? Do they hold tryouts for these, and are they who you are talking about when you say “Everybody else has to wait until school starts to practice.”?

Just curious.

That’s something I’ll have to look into.

I know they had tryouts back in the day, but not sure now

And yes, that is who comes in when school starts


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