Alcorn State game at 11 a.m. on SEC Network alternate channel


HEADS UP: This Sat. the 24th, ESPN is also televising Auburn-LSU with a 5 PM cst kickoff, so their allocating 3 hours before the Hogs kickoff at 8. Hopefully, they provide another channel to watch the start of ARK/A[size=85]&[/size]M.

That certainly won’t help attendance at WMS. People will probably stay away in droves. Shoot I live in Little Rock and may not go, going to WMS at 10:00 am on Saturday is not very exciting. Having had the same seats by an entrance ramp for years I’ve noticed the number of people coming in that don’t have a clue where their seats are because someone gave them the tickets, this game may be the worst yet for that.

I hate the time, but I hate what has happened to Little Rock Games. The atmosphere on the golf course has become the primary reason for too many to attend and not but butts in seats. Early kick will slow the party outside, I can only hope and maybe help fill the stadium.

As of two weeks ago, there were 30,000 tickets sold for this game. My guess is it will end up being between 40,000 and 45,000 because of Arkansas’ start to the season and Little Rock typically sells a lot of tickets during the week of the game.

Sounds about right, but I’d lean toward the low end of that range because of the early kick. People around here don’t like morning kickoffs. Iowa had a similar scenario last Saturday (ranked team, FCS opponent, 11 a.m. kickoff) and still got 70,000 on campus, but that’s Iowa.

… and Jeff, that was on campus.

Yes, I noted that. We might get 70,000 on campus for an 11 a.m. kick too – by the start of the second quarter.

11 a.m. kickoffs <<<

Hopefully, the early kickoff will get more folks into the stadium for the game and still leave them plenty of time to get their party on afterwards.