Alcohol sales at Bama sports on hold

Tuscaloosa city council voted in a public safety fee of $1 to $3 per ticket for events with capacity greater than 1,000 where alcohol is being sold. That would be $3 per ticket for football at Bryant-Denny, and Greg Byrne said we ain’t playing that game.

The $1 fee would apply for baseball and basketball, and alcohol sales are on hold there as well.

How soon before the city backtracks?

Good question. A city fee doesn’t help much if they never trigger the fee.

So what caused this, the problems at Tennessee-Ole Miss? If you have to bring another 100 policeman to the games because of drunks, it makes sense. Need more security. What else behind this?

Here’s a link from the T-town News. There are links in this story which probably have more info but I’m not subscribing to get them.

Greed. City Council saw a way to bring in more green and couldn’t help themselves, but of course they have to do it in the name of public safety to get the city residents behind it.

I wonder if any university has ever seceded from a town and incorporated themselves so they could keep those taxes, but then they would be have to consider the issue of utilities.

There are colleges that are a city. Usually that does not work.

Academics don’t manage universities well. I sure wouldn’t trust them to manage their own city.

Stanford is located in an unincorporated area adjacent to Palo Alto and has its own post office, although some Stanford facilities (their medical center among them) are in Palo Alto proper. I’m guessing they contract with Palo Alto for utilities and fire protection, and the SU police force covers that.

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