Aladadgumtoejammabama is coming to town

I was in Brian Dennehy Stadium for the two big Danny Ford wins in 95 and 97. That was kind of a humbling period for Tide fans, and they were not at all unpleasant folks to be around. They were gracious in defeat and complimentary of our Hogs. I have never seen us play the Tide in RRS. Just curious how their fans act when they come to town these days? They have been living in the rarified air of greatness during the Saban years. Has it gone to their heads? Are they an obnoxious bunch to be around as they move about town?

Winning breeds arrogance. Easy to be Bama fan right now.

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In their first SEC appearance at WMS (Gene Stallings coach) they thumped us pretty bad. Our seats were in the SW end zone. As we were walking out in front of the Bama crowd they kept doing the Rama Jama thing. Then some of them starting laying it on to me, my wife and kids for being Hog fans. Finally I had enough and turned to them and very loudly said “at least our basketball coach don’t hit his secretary”. (You may recall the Wimp Sanderson mess when he was Bama’s basketball coach). That shut them up but it didn’t shut up Miss Suzi (my wife) she told me I needed to learn to ignore stuff like that.

A few years later we hired Gene Stallings to be the featured speaker at our annual sales meeting. Gave the best talk of anyone we ever hired. I had lunch with Gene that day and got him to (reluctantly) sign my Hog hat. It sits proudly in my Razorback room today.


Here’s the Hog hat:


Coach Stallings has always been a class act. My parents were very involved in the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. I remember my dad telling me that Coach Stallings had done some very nice things for the foundation. He was also a very young head coach in Aggie Land in the 60’s.


I was also at the game in 95! One of my favorite memories as a Razorback. They were very gracious in defeat, unlike Auburn when Ferrari Fred ran all over them.

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Thank you. Did not know you knew I was at that game.

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Stallings was a class act. He had a mentally disabled son who attended every practice & game. He died at a young age. Stallings told his story (among other things) at the LRTD club when he spoke there about 10 years ago. It was a touching story. (He also had some good Bear Bryant stories.)


The book is Another Season Raising an Exceptional Son. His talk at our meeting was about his son and our responsibilities as parents. Great book. Great man. Proud to have met him.


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