Alabama's Athletes

It’s early but just watching the Bama OU game, those Alabama athletes have game. I wish our athletes knew how to play BBall.

Ahh an 80’s dig. I see what you did there.

I’m sure if Arkansas had a Top 10 NBA draft pick like point guard Colin Sexton, the Razorbacks would be better.

Still, Alabama is just 13-7 and 5-3 overall while Arkansas is 14-6 and 4-4.

Where was OK ranked when we beat them?

They weren’t, in either poll.

Bama emphasizes defense more than we do,we have just as good of athletes as Bama but they don’t trap the ball all over the place and play more in your face defense .we could be much better on defense if we didn’t trap IMO.




[/quote]Great insight.


Considering the complete nonstop garbage you post, it seemed appropriate. Still does. Garbage poster. Trash.

Yup. Alabama and its athletes that can play just lost at home to Mizzou drop to 14-8, 5-4. Bama is now 41 in live rpi and Arkansas is 28th.

Alabama just got beat by Moo U tonight. They are just like the hogs. Up and down and no constant leader on the floor.
They have one thing the hogs lack a point guard that is quick and can get to the hole!


Anybody catch a Bama athletes that can play score tonight? Did they school Howland? Was he taking notes? Just curious. I missed the scores.

They got beat by a very good defensive team that rebounds well.

I missed it I was too busy watch recordings of Florida losing 3 of their last 4, because I learned from our experts on here, they are way better than us and have a coach that knows how to actually run the press.



Even better insight.

BAMA must either be underachieving or we’re overachieving then.

The difference between Bama and the hogs on the basketball court are simple. They play solid defense most of the time and they are offensively challenged at times struddling to score. We fail to play defense about 75% of the time and normally shot the ball well enough to beat anybody. We fail to take advantage of our 3 point shooting! Their are glaring weakness between both teams. We travel to play them and need a road win pretty bad.

Struddling - that made me smile!
Thanks for all your other insights as I do enjoy your posts.

It is roght to say that this team is not playing good defense. No one will challenge you on that. But to say Arkansas doesn’t emphasize defense is ridiculous. Have you ever attended an Arkansas practice?