put it to Michigan St tonight

Impressive athleticism and skill on display

I think Bama might be our biggest challenger for the SEC regular season title; not Kentucky,Auburn or Tennessee

Bama can be effective when the 3 ball is falling. Catch them on a bad night you can hammer them.

Tenn has looked pretty good too

not sure how Vols lost to Colorado

Kentucky and Auburn are both meh

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ESPN has something called the PKI. It predicts the chances of winning it all, through some formula. They have Bama as the favorite

Michigan State was without 2 starter last night, Malik Hall and Jaydan Akins, i believe. If these 2 teams meet in the NCAA tourney, I’ll put my money on Izzo.

And I’m torn on Bama, cuz I don’t like Bama but I think Oats is a good dude and good coach.


You’re confusing PKI (Phil Knight Invitational, the tourney they are playing in) with BPI, ESPN’s Basketball Power Index.

The BPI has been pretty unreliable historically.

You’re correct, BPI.

I’m looking at the BPI SEC page. It has Kentucky as the clear favorite to win the SEC (45% chance; Tennessee is second at 27%). We’re fifth at 13.4%.

While I’m looking at BPI projections, it has us as having an 11.4% chance of making the Final Four and 2.3% of winning the natty.

The natty favorite? Houston, at 14.1%

Don’t know if you watched the game, but it wasn’t the 3 ball that got the win. It was all-round play of freshman Brandon Miller and rim defense of big man Bediako. Bama did hit 8 threes at a 34% clip. Miller gives them a look they didn’t have before. Bill Walton compared him to a bit shorter Kevin Durant. Not sure about that, but he does look explosive and is able to score from anywhere.

Yep, Razor was right, they had the BPI projection for winning the PKI. I misread it and it says that Bama is the favorite to win the tourney (PKI, not March Madness).

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We need teams like Bama, Ole Miss,LSU and Miss St to be good becuz Arkansas needs to be challenged as much as possible to prepare itself for the NCAA tournament

Auburn has really fallen off from what it was last season

Kentucky has loads of talent but Cal has lost his edge and passion for coaching; it’s obvious watching his sideline demeanor; at this point he’s just collecting a paycheck and that’s it

I really think Cal wants to get out of Lexington but he doesn’t want to lose all those $$$$ UK is paying him

Don’t get too cocky, Jeg.Tenn is giving KU way more than they want tonight. The SEC will be very good this year. The only team I think is truly overrated is Kentucky. Cal ain’t gonna win s$%t with Wheeler at PG. Not sold on Aubie’s guards either. Bama is very, very good.

Yes I want the SEC to be as strong as possible.

It’s what this inexperienced but talented Arkansas team needs; Hogs need to be challenged every single game to prepare for post-season

Auburn is down so need Bama, Miss St and LSU to pick up the slack

UK does look overrated

I did comment that I wasn’t sure how Tenn lost to Colorado

Vols look really solid

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And don’t look now but Ole Miss is a gritty little team. Kermit Davis is a really good coach.

The buffs are an interesting team…they steamrolled tenn and tamu, but have lost several to pretty low level comp.

Cal is just a scum bag I hope his cats finish the season under 500! Put Pearl and his Tigers in a to. Can and shoot them off to mars. I hope the rest of the SEC win a lot of games until they play our hogs. From what I’ve seen there may be 3 teams that can win the SEC. Bama, Tennessee and our Hogs. I don’t think Kentucky can get enough help from the refs this season to win.

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Alabama looked strong in beating NC too. If Muss ever leaves for pros, I like what Nate Oats is doing. Don’t look forward to playing them