Alabama won Auburn lost

which is exactly as I called it. Wonder how Chad did since I didn’t watch the game. I hope Georgia wins the Sugar Bowl tonight!

Georgia has about 12 players out for various reasons. Gonna be tough with that many not playing. I just hope they don’t get steamrolled.

Always a good day when Malzhan loses!

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Exactly especially since Chad is there now!

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Idk how much input Chad had already, but their offense was pathetic

Hard to tell.

They only had about 20% of plays down.

They could only run in the left lane.

He tried to get Gus to change QB’s, thought they needed a spark.

Morris was a good inspiration and took the loss with a grain of sale! They had a good week of practice! Gus and Chad Morris deserve to go down in flames together!

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After the debacle of last two years I will never say the name of our former coach again and hope his name is removed from anything that shows he was at our U.

Have nit been a fan of Gus and with addition of our former coach there is not a team I will root against more than Auburn.

Not even TX and that’s saying something

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Chadwick still looking for first P5 win since 2014…

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Gus is probably safe since he beat bama, but wouldn’t it be interesting if he should get the ax…in which case CM’s Auburn tenure would be one whole game!

Hammer down!!! Auburn had a whopping 232 total yards compared to Minnesota’s 484 yards. I wouldn’t buy a house yet in Auburn with that performance. Gus will throw him under the bus real quick…

You guys are too funny. At least now we can laugh and mean it. Go Hogs!!

I know Chad failed here miserably and it’s ez to pile on the guy like past coaches but really how long has he been at Auburn? Like 30 days? And do any of you guys think he really called the plays yesterday? Even if he’d been there a year or more I think everyone on this board knows who calls the plays at Auburn. It’s the same dude that burned us for a raise 2 years ago and half this board idolizes.

I could care less about CM, just wanted auburn to lose and bama.

When Chad Jr. signs with OU, I wonder if Gus will let him take Saturdays off to go watch Jr. play?

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This morning I was motoring south on I 75 in Florida. And headed northbound was the Minnesota Gopher equipment truck. I smiled and waved. My wife asked who I was waving to…I said the good folks from Minnesota… “you would not understand”. She said “crazy old man”!


I sat and watch them lose with enjoyment! Not because of CM either!

Gus will have to replace a bunch of good seniors. There were 11 in their starting lineup for the bowl game, including most all of their top linemen on both sides of the ball. There were four senior starters in the offensive line and then there was Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson on the DL.

And that’s the best Gus could do.

Makes you wonder if kids even like playing for Gus.