Alabama whipped USC so bad..

It reminded me of how Arkansas used to whip Hardin-Simmons back in the old days. Does anybody on here think Bama won’t win the West? I think they will.

Could we please get Nick Saban to come to Fayetteville to teach a coaching clinic on defensive secondary play? The guy is simply the best. Their secondary contests every ball and plays like their hair is on fire. That team looked in mid-.season form the first game. Wow. I know they have better athletes than we do, but they are coached so well. I hope that little &@$& retires soon. They are too good.

That was an utter beatdown last night. Saban is indeed the best. And the rosters he has year in and year out are just an embarrassment of riches. Living in Tuscaloosa amidst is empire is hard. I, too, am ready for him to retire. I am so tired of the losing streak to them. There have been times where I would have traded every other win on the schedule for a win over Bama. My arrogant Bama friends never let me hear the end of it. Their dynasty will continue until Saban is gone.

I think we should start a campaign to get Bama to rehire Mike Shula. :twisted:

I was in Jerrys World for that one and as anemic as the offense was to start the game the D turned the game on pick 6

Hog fans love to focus on the QB and bama has had a new one almost every year

You wanna out Bama Bama you better learn to play D E F E N S E !

Funny, it reminded me of how badly USC used to whip Arkansas (gave up 70+ points to USC in one game several years ago). And Bama for that matter. Multiple butt kickings by Bama. We can hardly make fun of any school over getting whipped.