Alabama vs. Arkansas SEC tourney

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Will McEntire will start.

Would love to get 6 good innings from him.

3B Wallace
DH Slavens
RF Lanzilli
C Turner
2B Moore
CF Webb
1B Stovall
SS Battles
LF Gregory

RHP McEntire

I got to admit I’m nervous about the game we played so bad against these guys I just wonder where their heads are. McIntyre didn’t exactly fool them they got 8 hits against him in 4 thing we sure can’t have is for them to jump on us early.

Wonder why Bohrofen is all of a sudden not getting any chances he played well against Auburn!

This is another day! I think the hogs will come out with an edge today. They better.

McIntyre has to be on he is a big key to this they just saw him last week if they jump all over him we could be in trouble. We saw their guy too so we will have to do the same thing

#3 versus #11; seems strange as the just beat the living tar out of us.

I think MCEntire will be focused. He learned a lot last week.

That was a great start for him hopefully we can get some runs now

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He’s getting that low strike. If that continues, he may have a good outing

Yes he need to get some calls.
The offense didn’t do anything. Another double play. Wow we have started hitting into a lot of those twin killings.

More of the same. We need a lot of BP

Well more bad luck. Ball right back at MCEntire and the runners reached first.

Great throw and catch

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Don’t start that walking crap

Yeah here comes the base it behind the walk sound familiar???

I guess he got his 15 good pitches out of the way. Now back to the roller coaster

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Same crap as last week guys we had a 3 up 3 down inning and then bam seven freaking runs