Alabama vs. Arkansas on ESPN...

at 6:00 pm next Saturday.

My favorite start time, personally.

Great! Works for me

Awesome! I’ll be in Vicksburg by that point and can watch the game!

That makes for a great day of tailgating if the weather cooperates. Woo Pig!

Yes! I was hoping for this. Like everywhere else, home advantage is probably greater at night. For obvious reasons.

Pass me another Guinness please…

The weather is supposed to be delightful, with a high of about 67. :smiley:

Hopefully the hogs will cooperate and we will have a decent, competitive game

Wish I was going to be there . . . but I’ll go ahead and predict the best atmosphere for a home game since the Texas game in 2004 (caveat - I wasn’t there for the 2010 Bama game, which I also understand had a fantastic atmosphere; but night games always take things up a level, I think).

Shouldn’t we think we will have extremely large crowd, perhaps a record?

Always enjoy the nite games better…