Alabama starting left guard enters the portal

I also saw on Twitter that the Hogs have offered DB Khyree Jackson, another portal refugee from Bama.



Starting for Bama and leaving?

What am I missing???

Could it be better NIL offers? I’m sure Young has much more $$. Possible tired of getting much less. Just wondering. Kinda strange for sure.

Young is making seven figures; you’ve seen his Dr Pepper ads ad nauseam. But Young is also out the door, may not even play in the Sugar Bowl.

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Go get him Sam!! Get this guy some money and get him in here!!


Have you ever been blistered by Nick? That could be a reason, business decision notwithstanding.

Starters from Bama hitting the portal? A 3 loss season? Could Saban’s manic finally by waning? We shall see.

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