Alabama series rotation

Friday: Jr. RHP Blaine Knight (6-0, 2.24 ERA) vs. Jr. RHP Sam Finnerty (4-2, 4.09 ERA)

Saturday: Jr. LHP Kacey Murphy (5-3, 2.26 ERA) vs. Sr. RHP Jake Walters (2-5, 5.07 ERA)

Sunday: R-So. RHP Isaiah Campbell (3-4, 4.08 ERA) vs. R-Fr. LHP Garret Rukes (1-2, 2.18 ERA)

Bama seems to be spiraling downward. This is one we really need to sweep.

I agree with Swine this is a series the hogs need to sweep. At the same time the hogs are playing Bama, Ole Miss and LSU are squaring off. I hope LSU wins that series! Then the hog have the ability to play thier thier way to win the West!
After the Moo U series anything can happen and the games will be decided on the field. Maybe the hogs can break out and score avoid leaving so many runners on base!

We all agree how badly we need to sweep Bama. I’m not sure I care who wins the LSU-OM series, but I want a 2-1 split. I don’t either of them surging up. If we sweep & they lose at least one, we’ve got a bit more cushion in the west. Of course, if LSU wins OM falls back quite a bit. We’ll have a chance to move up if we beat LSU next weekend. I’d love to win 2 down there, but I’m not counting on a sweep. They’re tough at home. We certainly need to avoid getting swept there.

The idea situation is for LSU to beat OM 2-1, then for the Hogs to go 3-0 vs. Bama, 2-1 at LSU (harder done than said) and 2-1 against the Aggies at home. That should present a pretty good cushion going into the final weekend at Georgia as long as the others beat up on each other.

it definetly doesn’t need to come down to Sunday to win the series with their best ERA against our worst.

What time is the Saturday game?

6pm for Saturday!

I think we have 3 starting pitcher that are better than Bama’s! The unknown is how the cash in with runners on base and will they play solid defense.
The way LSU looks against Ole Miss tonight I don’t think they will recover to win a game in this series.

I’m afraid we need the sweep to stay even with OM. I’m a bit more worried about Bama than I was. They’re not as bad as their record. They might be more like MSU than I realized. They’ve beaten a couple of pretty good teams.

As much as I hate LSU baseball, I don’t want to see OM sweep them in Red Stick. We need the corndogs to win at least one game. I’d hate to have to sweep them next week down there. I’d love nothing better, but I don’t want it to be a “must have” sweep.

You called that one right. It would be tough to need a seep at LSU! I think the Bering last week may end costing the hogs the west! The schedule is easier for Ole Miss and the hogs close out at Georgia.
We need LSU to pull it out tonight. It may not happen.
Out of the remaining 12 games the hogs may need to go 10-2 and it is possible.

The hogs better be ready to play ball or they will get beat. Bama has had buzzard luck.
Solid defense and good pitching on 0-2 and 1-2 counts is what beat the hogs at Moo U. That needs to change moving forward.

Actually the series with LSU and OM was in Oxford

Rebs take two

Down two in the ninth, LSU had bases loaded, and got one run on a walk, but couldn’t get another one in

You’re right. I watched just a snippet of game 1 & thought it looked like Alex Box. OM winning in Oxford isn’t quite as impressive.

At worst we’re tied with OM after this series. Sweep puts us in front. We’re tied with Georgia at the moment for the second-best record in the SEC.