Alabama on ESPN

It will be a 6 p.m. kickoff in Tuscaloosa next week.

Not sure I want the entire country to see the slaughter.

That’s nice U knew with the whining they have done with 11:00 am games it would be prime time

What a glorious thing it would be then if we won.

Likely to happen? No.

Are upsets what prime time is for? Yes. We might be due, you never know.

Get out of there with that. We might be due? For an upset over Bama? I’m dying with laughter!! Hahaha!

I’ve never understood the “we can’t possibly win” attitude. If sports has taught anything, it’s that any team can be beaten on any given day. There is nothing guaranteed in this life but “death and taxes,” so why have a defeatist attitude like it can never happen?

Same with Auburn. They are flesh and blood like we are and they can be beaten like any other man. I’ll always say Arkansas can win until the other team proves we can’t.

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Yeah, I kind of figured that might be the case. The Alabama-Tennessee game in Tuscaloosa this week starts at 8 p.m.

Arkansas beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa would be like South Carolina beating GA ???, no probably not, got to be bigger than that, probably San Jose State beating Arkansas, no that is not enough much bigger than that, it would be like the biggest upset this year or maybe this decade. It would be a world shaker.

When you are 2-4

against opponents of which none of whom have a winning record, wins against Auburn and Alabama are about as likely as New York City being invaded by the Klingon Empire later this evening.

Again, why not?! It can be done, why not us?

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Can we call in sick? The swine flu…

the line was 38 when alabama played ole miss, what will it be vs the hogs, could we be a 40 point underdog? Mercyyyyyyyyyyy

General, you and I are both Lifelong Razorback fans that have had our differences on several threads in the past and also agreed about comments about our Hogs as well.
I enter most seasons with an optimistic attitude that things will go better than many fans expect, but with the current state of our Football program and roster talent and depth I find it next to impossible that you truly believe that this Arkansas football team could realistically go on the road to Alabama and WIN.
That is quite simply a “Bridge to far”.

Go Hogs!

I love sports and military history. The history of both is littered with teams/armies that defeated much bigger and better teams/armies. I’m just saying it’s not impossible and until the next 6 teams we play prove otherwise, I’m going to say Arkansas can win all of them.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Can we give up TV revenue and ask not to be on TV this year?

That is going to a beat down like no other!!

To quote Jim Carrey from the cult comedy classic Dumb and Dumber “So you’re saying there’s a chance”.

Go Hogs, beat Bama!


Alabama has, at times, played down to it’s competition. Unlikely that we win: yes. Impossible: nope.

Y’all leave the General alone.

I took a moment to read the post of mine that you quoted while you told folks to “Leave the general alone”.
I found nothing in that post that was attacking or personally disparaging toward the General, but simply a differing of opinion about the current subject.
I’ve had enough dialogue over the years with the General that if he had an issue anything he would state it himself. I respect the Generals passionate fanhood, but occasionally we disagree and usually have well thought out debate on the subject.
What I don’t respect is what you did, we are all adults and can stand up for ourselves.

Go Hogs!