Alabama lineman hoping to visit Arkansas after teammates' urging

Possible pipeline? … mmer-trip/

Nothing seems to help sales like the words of satisfied customers! This appears to be a school deserving of a pipeline… :slight_smile:

It’s a big nice school in a growing suburb of Birmingham. I spent 6 years as finance director at a large Buick GMC store there. I would love a pipeline to be established. Gus was his main recommendation to getting the job and the school is in Bama country yet we are cherry picking. Gotta love it.

Where you now Scott?

I still live about 25 minutes north of Birmingham in Hayden. My son and I opened our own used car dealership about 2 years ago. I signed Josh up on his first two purchases when he moved here. That dealership takes good care of the H/T faculty and coaches.

Congrats. I really admire people that go out on their own.

Thank you very much. It’s extra special when you are five minutes from home with your son as your partner.

People like you employ a lot of people. The backbone of the nation.