Alabama is up on LSU 5-1

in the 4th inning. An LSU loss would help us. Of course, we really need to win tomorrow. Do that & win the two remaining series & we’ll have 20 SEC wins and almost certainly be a top 8 national seed.

Now 7-1. LSU dropped an infield pop up to let a batter get to 2nd base. Then a walk. Then a single to RF got booted by the right fielder allowing both runs to score and the batter get to 3rd. They’re falling apart.

They have no second starter. Their third guy has been pitching well though. Texas A&M is our worry. Everything is falling into place for them they are incredibly lucky as well as being very good

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath for an Alabama win.
Not after seeing what Ta&m did to S. Carolina.
7 to 1 was a nice lead, but now it’s 7/3 going to the bottom of the 7th. I’m just hoping Bama can hang on.
It really, I don’t care what these other teams do. We still lead the West and if we take care of our own business, (starting by winning the series against Auburn tomorrow), everything else will take care of itself.
Alabama beat LSU, 8/3!!

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