Alabama hosting 37 4* and 10 5* recruits this weekend

Tough to compete with…
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Must be nice, wish we had a dynamic recruiter.


yeah its a recruiter :roll:

Waste of time. Stars are over rated. Look at our highly rated CBs

Good news, they can’t sign all of them.
Bad news, well…

This is why we will never consistently better than middle of the pack in the SEC. We can have a great recruiting year (for us) and still, not only not gain ground on the big dogs, but lose ground. The top few schools in the conference have so much more talent than we have or have ever had. It’s not even close. That we ever beat LSU, Florida, or Auburn has been a solid accomplishment for our coaches. Them and Bama and A&M have more 5 stars sitting on the bench than we have on our whole team. It shows up in positions that natural talent is crucial…ie. DB (you have to have the speed to run with the WRs in the conference), DL (we have some talent there but not enough), ad LB (again, speed required). On the OL you can coach guys up and we have but those positions I mentioned and to a lesser extent WR (we have solid possession receivers but, again, no game breakers in terms of speed), you have to have the natural talent to match the guys on the other side of the ball and we just don’t. We can improve recruiting a ton and still not be close to Bama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, and A&M. This is just the reality of the situation.

I agree with most of what you said, but we do have speed at WR. Both Reed and Jordan Jones have ran “4.3” times. Most DB’s have issues covering that speed, problem is Jones redshirted and Reed never seemed like the same guy he was last year before the injury.

I posted on this same issue the other day and was laughed at. 5’10 166 athletes are going to cut it in the SEC and we have several of those committed

I see one fitting the description. We have De’Vion Warren at 5-11, 168. Have you looked at his film?

Who else?

Nothing to do with a dynamic recruiter. Alabama is as far ahead of the field in football as Kentucky is in basketball. There is a reason both are in the top 5 all time in wins in their sports. The gap between both and the second tier is quite large. The second tier of the SEC in football is very competitive nationally. In basketball it has a ways to go to be considered for national power status.

In football maybe Ohio St could have a weekend within, oh say 50% of that. In basketball maybe Duke could get close to a Kentucky class. Now in basketball it still gives teams like Virginia and Villanova a chance because they can retain their players and come up with a strong team of 22 year old players to compete against Kentucky freshmen. In football however they must stay 3 years so Alabama maintains their large advantage.

Alabama is not a college football program. Bama is run like an NFL franchise and will continue to be like that as long as the NCAA lets them run like an pro program. The number 75 thru 85 men on their roster is better than our top players. Kentucky basketball is the same way except Cal is nowhere the coach as Saban. If Saban was at Arkansas. he would be a coach similar to what we have now. Bama, Auburn, LSU, Aggies, Florida, Georgia, Tenn will all always have more talent than us. Get real with your thinking.

A voice of reason.

Bama has averaged 16 four and five star players in the last five years. We have six players currently committed for 2017 out of 19 that have other SEC offers. It doesn’t take long to understand the gap, and yes I know that Bama is at the top of the heap but their standard of recruiting sets the bar for our division. Albarn, LSU, and A/M all get 11 plus four/five star kids each year (roughly twice what we get on average). It’s a road to climb straight up a mountain for Hog talent compared to our division opponents. And no, I don’t have the answer on how to improve it unless you’re willing to fund the bagman like Ole Miss.

Is this hyperbole or fact?

Can Richard or Dudley confirm? This seems incredibly low and cause for concern.

That came straight off this website committed 2017 class and their “notable” offers. Go check it yourself.

I went to 247 and there are 9 that have SEC offers (two of those hold offers from Vandy and KY, but still SEC) and another (10) with an offer from OU

Eye opening to say the least.

Duds and Richard are darn good at what they do, but maybe this site has not been updated.

I 100% agree with Dudley and RD being good at what they do, but some sites list more offers than others. Don’t know why. I’ve said this before, you have to look at all the “sites” and read all the recruiting gurus.

For example: Byars, the kid committed to Bama, but if there was a story broke, RD and DD would probably get the info before a Bama reporter because of their proximity to the situation. Sometimes guys from other states scoop our guys. If you have Twitter follow RD and Dudley, you’ll see them repost guys, follow those guys. There is a reason Dudley and Richard follow those guys.