Alabama game thread

Cole Kelley will be the QB.

As soon as that was announced the point spread went from 30 to 35.

What a start.

After the upsets so far this weekend, you expected something else?

We are going to need some miracles tonight

Cmon Cole!!

Kelly is our backup punter. He needs to be in there at that position as well. It went right threw the punters hand’s. Fortunately they only got 3

Has blocked more people in 6 plays than Colton Jackson has all year!

Name that score. Defense is pathetic.

Announcer saying the defense already quit. Not good.

They have quit because the coaches have no idea what they’re doing. That is a sure sign that everybody needs to be fired up there. What more do we need to know?

Embarrassing to say the least. Pay the man his money

Fire Bielema now.

Dion Stewart fair catches it when novody within 30 yards of him. What a lack of physical toughness. Pathetic.

BB looks like he has finger up his behind

We’re not going to be able to run the ball. Spread the field and throw it around. Bama is blitzing every play. One one one coverage, throw it deep.

Offence with Kelly and different line looks better.

I agree with this. Marginally better.

EDIT: Offense still sucks. Premature praise.

Out of this game is beyond me. I need to come to your party. We look rediculous out there.

Our OL has got to be the worst in conference. KA needs to be fired yesterday!

Can we play with running clock ?

let it run during halftime and rest of game