Alabama....Best in the West?

Took out Aubie today on the road. Interesting.

I think they have talent and while their record speaks for itself, the limited amount of the game I saw (the last six minutes) I did not think they looked very disciplined. Maybe their offense is unstructured, but they appeared very prone to one man games and over dribbling the ball.

They’re not the best, but they are one of the most experienced teams in the SEC, if not the most experienced. We match up well with them and two times we play them will be dog fights.

West! Well the SEC isn’t spilt into divisions anymore! They sit atop now let’s see how it shakes out in a couple of weeks.

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Last I checked Fayetteville was the furthest west of all other SEC locations, sans College Station.

I’m not ready to say that, they are Hot and Cold like we are,they just have confidence right now but if we bring our A game we can take em.

Lets focus on LSU first however…

He’s talking about that the SEC did away with divisions in baskeball several years back. There is no East/West Division Champions anymore.

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