Alabama beats # 22 Miss State!

#22 Miss st. And Reggie Perry, has the same record as us at 3 and 4!

Perry had a big game…Hate we lost that kid.

I’m glad they lost but they also have one of the Weatherspoon brother hurt (knee). That’s hugs moving forward. They play Ole Miss Saturday and I’m hoping the rebels beat them.
The hogs are tied for 8th in the conference standings. Tomorrow if Florida gets beat they will be 3-4 as well. Ole Miss will be in swamp tomorrow.

The loss to Florida was just a bad loss.
Also the way we lost to LSU at home.
The hogs sit at 3-4 and need to pull a win out on the road at LSU Saturday.

Could end up tied for 6th by Saturday.
I hope Miss State ends up falling out of the top 25.