Alabama at Arkansas game 3

It’s 71 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
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Softball up 3-2 in the fourth at Moo U. We just changed pitchers after Varmits hit a two-run jack.

Better swing the bats boys!. Not going to be easy against this LH.

He should have already struck this kid out we got shafted on the breaking ball


Just a bunch of crap

Back to back walks to load the bases with two outs. My goodness!

Well way to go ump you just cost us two stinking runs

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Didn’t you just know that was coming! Geez!

Well, this has gone to hell in a hurry

That dude behind the plate has on that shirt saying to do something to Texas. Really bad, bad look. They have not shown him lately. Need to kick him out. Ridiculous. Kids see it.

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It is just freaking ridiculous how most of these young kids cannot throw a freaking strike to save their life most of the time pathetic

Our pitching isn’t good. Kid can’t throw a strike when it counts

Amazing how every team but us finds a lot of pitching, but if we have a couple injuries we are screwed

If they don’t get their stuff together, we may be in for a long season.

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Some of that is because the hitters are so talented now. The plate awareness of hitters is incredible. Ball over the plate is gonna get killed so kids are taught to work the edges and try to get the hitter to chase. A mistake inwards is hammered nowadays.

Ball also has a lot more movement coming out of the hand than it used to also.

Where he was throwing those balls Wilt Chamberlain couldn’t hit most of them

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We have signed lots of pitching unfortunately it is now in pro ball never seeing campus (think masyn Winn and tink hance)


Love it!!! WPS‼️

Way to go Hog faithful. Best fans anywhere!