Alabama at Arkansas game 3

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Big Game today. Can’t afford to lose this series with us going to Ms St. Next week.

Gorgeous day for baseball!!

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Lockhart is really looking sharp so far.

Yeah he is throwing well, be nice if the offense would get him a lead.

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We’ve been getting runners on base but 2 DP’s to erase them sure hurts.

Peeeow! That what I’m talking about Brady!,Webb close to figuring it out too… I like it!

Slavens!!! image

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What’s the score?

1-0 Hogs 5th inn

73 pitches and coming out! Great job Lockhart… Lot of innings to cover, hope we don’t regret pulling him

Alright let’s go offense! Get some insurance!Hogs 1-0 in the 6th

Hey Billy, please post scores at At the end of inning I’m in a meeting at church

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That a boy Casey! Big base hit… 3-0 hogs after 6

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Strand 2 runners 3-0 after 7

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Hate not getting another insurance run or two in the 7th. Still good to have a 3 run lead going into the 8th

3-0 after 8…LSU 6-2 over MSU in the 8th OM 14-0 over Auburn in the 7th

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Uh oh. Solo HR and it’s now 3-1 with 1 out and a runner on 1st.

BIG Xout for Wiggins. Now let’s get this last out and get out of here