Alabama at Arkansas game 1

And now I’m off for :boar::baseball:.

It’s 60 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
#WPS #ThisIsBaseball #OmaHogs


Had a feeling we would see a lineup change, hope it helps

Going to be chilly before the nights over Marty!

I’m prepared!!

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Tonight’s view.

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Beautiful evening

Let’s go Hogs, beat the ocean scum!!

(Thanks Jeff for all the great nicknames!)


Another issue with a pitcher struggling with control. Pallette doesn’t look like he’s long for this game.

Palette all over the place and in danger of giving up a big number, exactly what we didn’t need where is this crap coming from! smh

This is very bad

This year is starting to feel like last year. Very similar to that losing streak…

Wheels are loose

Not off yet but close

Pallette has been nails but that was awful

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Yep I wondered how we would respond to a little adversity,not good

This looks like it could be a big inning. Bases loaded with no outs & 1 run already in…not a recipe for winnng.

This is insane… Giving the game away… Unbelieveable

Alabama might be terrible, but when all batters have to do is stand there & get 4 runs, they’re going to win.

Oh well, that double did it. Glad the basketball team won. Baseball is going nowhere tonight.

Goal is to win 2/3 that’s what we will have to do because this one is over

dont watch LsU and cow bells, they are playing at a different level. Bamam looks good, give em credit. Pallete peaked in game 1.

Yeah. I think I might turn this one off. We have to win the next 8 1/2 innings 10-0. I don’t like our chances.