Alabama at Arkansas 2020 game thread

Go Hogs!!
:boar: :football: :boar:

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Why do we fair catch every kick?

Held them to three at least
Now we need to move the ball and go get some points

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If we do not have a dynamic return guy, lost that when Warren went down, starting at the 25 isn’t all bad.

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I understand why the announcers are wearing masks but maybe its best that they do the game remotely from each other because their muffled voices sure are annoying

Some early love for Odom and the defense. I like the scheme.

Franks looks good.

I use the Arkansas game day app and listen to Chuck and Geno (Quinn is at home today.)

Agreed, but it just seems like we leave at least 10 yards out there after every kick.

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Why is Burks wearing number 10?

I’m good with the field goal call here.

Nice drive. Playing with confidence

Defense getting some rest as they will need it

In honor of Senior De’Vion Warren.

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Sure hate presnap penalties on offense and off sides on defense. Just wasted yardage.

Treylon Smith was wide open in the right flat for a walk in TD had Franks just looked his way.


I’d have loved a TD & to be ahead of Alabama even if only for a short time, but I’m happy to get 3. At least to this point in the game, we’ve played as well as they have.

I know. That was tough to watch in real time.

But Franks has been fantastic so far.

God bless the seniors. They have been through so much. At least they’ve had some success to be proud of this season when it could have just been a disaster.

How many kickoffs out of bounds this season?
Special teams has to be addressed by CSP in the off season, it’s been a glaring weakness and cost us dearly.

Come on D!