Alabama and Houston play at 9:00

Should be a great game… this is a big time contrast in styles, great offense versus great defense. We will see who does what they like to do the best.

Any channel by chance?

Got it. ESPN 2

I’m sorry brother… I usually put the channel but was talking to my brother

These two teams are really really good…whew we got a long ways to go!! Their athleticism is off the charts!

I was just going to post something like that. A little worrying to watch these two teams and realizing just how far behind them the Hogs are. In a whole different league (well, technically in the same league as Bama, but you know what I mean). Yes, Arkansas has a long way to go if they’re going to compete with Bama later this season.

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Yeah it’s sad to look at right now for sure. they are so long and lean and fast there’s no way in the world we’re going to be able to stay in front of them. Alabama they said his number three in the nation defense as well… We think we had a hard time scoring on Oklahoma… we got a long ways to go before we play them hopefully we can find something that’ll be working by then… they are not real physical down low though so maybe Toney and Umude and Jay will can do some work down low on them.

Hofstra who we play next by the way took Houston into overtime!! Before losing. Got blew out by Stony Brook last game so there up and down sounds like but have 5 guys Ave in double figures

They are both very good.

But those drives by that Tide quard that’s coast to coast is stoppable, IMO

Yeah we will be ready for that for sure I think we can get some charges on him

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I think that was a poor ending to a great game. Looked to me like that ball was above the cylinder, though hard to tell. But I think it at least warranted a review rather than just walking off the floor and leaving it unanswered. Could have ruled it clean, but at least a review would have made it definitive.

a slice of the ball was still in the cylinder and headed out. It was a close call.

The ball was off the rim it looked like but I’m not sure what the rule is, they kept asking if the ball was above the cylinder .I didn’t think the ball was in the cylinder but it was borderline to know if it was above it or not. Sad that that can’t be reviewed

Ball has to be out of the cylinder. The video I saw last night was pretty inconclusive. Don’t know if there was a better angle to tell.

Yup that was a great game to watch. Those un’s may be the future SEC champs this season. :sunglasses:

Yeah they have some incredible athletes that’s for sure…but 2 months before we play them so we’ll see how both teams progress.

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Remember they killed us in January and we killed them in late February. It’s a long season.

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That’s why I said yesterday in the game thread we got beat by 31 by them and then came back and beat them by 15 at our place… we have two months before we play them to get ourselves playing good ball we will see if we can do it

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I intentionally stayed out of the game thread yesterday. And see no reason to go read it now.

I followed it but didn’t participate. Be careful if you do read it. You might be hit by pieces of falling sky.

Oh I wasn’t insinuating you go and read it.I was just saying that I said that yesterday to point out we have been here before as far as being blown out and recovered

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