Alabama and Auburn

I don’t care for either team but I am flat out entertained watching them tonight. I hope we catch each team on an off night when we play them. If not I hope we are greatly improved.

Don’t hold your breath. Unless our defense makes a miraculous turnaround, and we stop the incredibly stupid turnovers, this just ain’t our year. And I am normally an optimist. I hate our team’s body language this year, and, after watching Bama and Auburn tonite, it doesn’t seem like we’re even playing the same game. I sure hope they prove me wrong.


Can chalk up 2 losses when these games are played. Not enough defense to beat them.

Bama is not nearly as good as they were last season. They miss Herb Jones as much as we miss Justin Smith. Bama has already lost 2 SEC games. That’s all they lost all last season including the SEC Tournament. They have 5 overall losses, including to Iona and Davidson.

Jones and Smith were the players that made the big defensive play or got the big rebound or the steal that won a close game. Neither one of us have that guy this season. If Bama’s hitting 3s, they can beat any team. If they are missing 3s, they can lose to any team. Last season, Jones could save the game for them, if they were missing 3s with his great rebounding and defense.

Obviously, to this point though, Bama is still playing better than we are. We need to change that quickly.

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IMO, Auburn is considerably better than Bama this year. In that game last night, at Bama, Auburn had a 14 point lead with 7 minutes left in the game. Pearl almost lost the game for Auburn at that point.

They had just had a great 9 point run playing loose and up-tempo. Pearl decides he’s got the game in hand, so he decides to slow the game down and puts them in offensive, work the clock, sets in the half court. A few turnovers and several minutes later, it’s a 2 point game after a 14-2 Bama run. Auburn then settles down and wins it late.

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