Ala-Ark game

I read elsewhere that ark-ala game move to 19th LSU-Ala game the 5th. Don’t know if true. Myself, I think we are getting screwd again. What do you other Hog fans think?

Isn’t the 19th the SEC Championship? The SEC will want Bama to play AR to give them the best possible looking record so they will be sure if possible to get the game in, and they will not care at all how it affects AR

I thought the SECCG was on the 19th so don’t think that would work

It is, and unless they have us in it, we won’t be playing Alabama on that date.

Only team we’ll be playing on the 19th is Mizzou, if we haven’t played them yet.

I would think the alabama game will be Dec 12th which in SEC mind gives them an easy tune up leading into championship game. Missouri will likely be the 19th

Knowing SEC we will have to play a double header.

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I think we’ll probably play Bama on the 5th as scheduled and Misery on the 12th. Unless the Bama game gets postponed, then who knows what will happen. Maybe they would add someone to our schedule at the last minute like Vandy got added to Misery’s schedule this week.

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No way Arkansas and Alabama play on the 19th. It just can’t happen. It’s more likely that Alabama-Missouri play on the 19th. I think we will find out Friday if we are playing Bama on the 5th or 12th. I’m guessing – and it’s only a guess – that Arkansas plays Missouri on the 19th and Alabama on the 12th.

I’ll take a swap from playing Bama to playing Vandy.
In a heartbeat.

Yes sir. We deserve a break or two…

Chickens may be worse than Vandy. Wouldn’t mind adding them. But they’ve played all eight games so far. Vandy has only played seven, Misery will make eight,



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