Akol Mawein

Reminder that the former Arkansas signee is on Oklahoma’s roster, but we may not see him this weekend because he has only played 14 minutes total this season, which is 13th on their team.
His signing always seemed like it was kind of a favor to former assistant, David Patrick, because Coach Musselman has never shown any interest in juco players and Mawein looked like a project. I’m not sure why Patrick was so high on him, but I’m confident that our staff was perfectly happy to let Mawein go with him to Oklahoma.


It worked out the way Arkansas wanted it to.

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That door swings both ways tho. You can’t say he was a good miss when we’ve got a couple of 4* who aren’t seeing the floor either.

They’ll see the floor before he would so in that respect it’s not having it both ways. It just says more about the folks in front of them I think.

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