Akial Byers top 5

In no order, Alabama, Ohio State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Oklahoma.

It will be interesting to see what happens after he visits.

Top 5 not 10. Doh.

Did Arkansas ever offer him

He’s been told what he needs to do to get an offer from us. If he doesn’t do it, I seriously doubt he will still have an offer from any of his top 5.

This is speculation on my part, but I really don’t think Arkansas has been accepting commitments from recruits with a GPA under 2.3. Anyone with GPA under 2.3 must redshirt.

This became effective with the 2016 class.

To see the Sliding Scale on ACT and SAT chart, scroll down to page 11.
http://www.eliteshowcase.com/images/201 … thlete.pdf

I hope the things I heard weren’t right and the young man is able to correct what is necessary to receive an offer from CBB and the U of A. Let me also say how pleased I am at the level of character and student athlete CBB is recruiting to come and play here.

A 2.3 in HS is not asking for much. If that cannot be managed, then how can a 2.0 be managed at University unless of course, that University is ole miss or auburn. There, if you can play football, both ACT and GPA take major gains seemly out of the blue.