Akial Byers to Bama

Curious if anyone can provide any more insight into our lack of recruitment of him?

He has a long way to go to qualify, simple as that.


A great prospect on the field, but one that has work to do in a couple of areas off the field and that has kept the Razorbacks from offering.

The Arkansas staff has been very upfront with him about it

Still worth offering. Bama clearly has no issue with his grades. The state of Arkansas just doesnt produce enough defensive line talent to let this kid leave the state. Maybe he’ll turn out like Frazier from Har-Ber a few years ago, whom i believe is still waiting to see the field, but it’s hard to see top tier defense linemen leave the state.

Arkansas has been very consistent with its dealings with in-state kids.

If you lose an out of state kid that you want and know will qualify because you offered an in-state kid that you don’t believe is going to qualify, then that would be a big issue.

And if the in-state kid can make it and wants to come to Arkansas, he will do so.

It’s not a simple thing.

Alabama has showed time and time again it will take and then cut.

Coach B has been very consistent in saying why he does this.

I will go look for his comments on it and post them here.

Just about this time every year, some Arkansas football fans begin to grumble about Razorback head football coach Bret Bielema being slow to issue in-state offers.

This year is no exception as the Arkansas staff has offered only one 2017 in-state prospect so far in Cabot athlete Jarrod Barnes, who committed to the Razorbacks a week after getting his offer.

There are others inside the state who already have at least one Power 5 offer in Ashdown safety Montaric Brown, Central Arkansas Christian wide receiver Josh Johnson and the Fayetteville duo of quarterback Taylor Powell and defensive lineman Akial Byers.
It’s possible that more offers could be issued on Saturday as Arkansas hosts a Junior Day.

Bielema, who landed all four in-state prospects he offered in the 2016 class, addressed the subject during a Monday press conference to introduce a pair of new assistant coaches in Paul Rhodes (secondary) and Reggie Mitchell (running backs).

“Especially as we get closer to home, I don’t ever want to mislead a kid,” Bielema said. “I can’t imagine being in a position as a head coach and pull an offer at any point that is committed to me after his senior year has started up.
“There are a variety of things that can happen. I had to pull one my first year at Wisconsin because I hadn’t offered him and there is a whole scenario about that.

“…So to avoid that situation from happening we are extremely slow in the offering process.

“I want to have them check off five areas – academics, athletics, social media, I want to be able to have a thorough background analysis of their high school – counselor, high school coach, principal and athletic director.
“And the last thing is that if at all possible I want to meet them. I want to sit down with them, I want to look them in the eye and I want to find out what they are about.
“Because that is so hard to happen here in Fayetteville, it makes it a little bit slower to happen overall, but I feel so much better about it on the back end.”

Bielema noted that there were a couple of athletes who need to pick it up academically before an offer will arrive.

“We have got kids in our immediate recruiting region that have either a test score or GPA that isn’t anywhere near to qualifying and somebody else offers him a scholarship because they can just back out on it or back away from it.

“I just can’t do that and sleep at night. That is probably why we are a little bit slower and is the number one reason we are slow.”

Arkansas tight ends coach Barry Lunney, Jr., is the chief in-state recruiter for the Razorbacks.

“We want to know everything we can about a young man before we extend that offer,” Lunney said. “We want to do our due diligence and be absolutely sure about the student-athletes we are bringing into the program.

“It is much better to make sure on the front end that there won’t be any issues on the back end. It certainly doesn’t mean we don’t love the young man and we make sure they know that upfront.

“We want our offers to guys – especially in our home state – to be ones that there are no questions about whatsoever.

“There may be some schools out there that throw out a lot of scholarships, but they may or may not be committable.

“When we offer one, it is a 100 percent one and we are ready to take your commitment right away. It is a bond that won’t be broken between this coaching staff and the student athlete.”


It is tough to endure a local kid picking Alabama, regardless of the circumstances.

But we’ve known all along why Byers did not have an offer from us. If he qualifies then maybe we have a discussion about Nick’s approach vs BB’s.

Good post.

I wonder how many people would be fine with Bielema if he treated in-state recruits like Saban does.

Look at how Saban did Darius Philon. How many Hog fans would be up in arms if Coach Bielema did the same. What would happen if Coach Bielema would have rescinded Juan Day’s offer on signing day due to an injury?

I know to a lot of people the end justify the means. Saban gets a pass due to his national championships.

I appreciate the way Bielema is upfront with recruits. I like the fact that he won’t offer a instate kid and then rescind the offer later. I like that an offer to an instate kid is a commitable offer not a “wait and see if we can find a 5 star first then maybe you can commit but we still reserve the right to pull the offer at the last minute” Saban offer.

A similar case-the kid from NLR, can’t remember his name, thought he had an offer from Bama, and decommitted from the Hogs. It turns out he didn’t have an offer from Bama after all. (this happens a lot with Saban)

So he had to settle for Ohio State.

I’m not worried about it, and I think Coach B’s process sounds great. I hope the kid makes to to TTown and does well for himself.

You are right. It’s very simple how Bama operates. They offer the cream of the crop, athletically, far and wide. If they get a commit, they take it, regardless of grade/character issues.

Then, as signing day approaches, if the grade or character issues have been resolved, they have a stud. If not, they move on to the next one.

But, the ugly side of it is they often move on from commits regardless of any other issue other than a better player decides later that they want to come.

That’s how someone like Philon’s offer literally gets pulled on NSD or (like last year) a kid from Bama with no grade or character issues who had been committed for several months gets his offer pulled a week before NSD and goes from the penthouse (Bama) to the outhouse (South Alabama).

Bama is cutthroat about it, but, Saban gets a pass. Just ask Dari Nowkah.

CBB"s way is the only honorable way.

I’m ready for this kid to exhaust his eligibility. A constant reminder of the train wreck the Bielema hire was

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He had very few opportunities at the end of the day. Mizzou took a chance and it worked.

Best that I have no comment.

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You’re a good man Dudley…