Akial Byers pledges to attend Mizzou

after getting grades and tests scores needed for Division I. He will join former team mates from Fayetteville High, QB Taylor Powell, and walk-on WR Barrett Banister as 2017 recruits.

http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/ … 3e577.html

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This is key and what I’ve been trying to say. He MUST finish strong. Obviously, Mizzou is hoping this happens. I too hope it happens.

Byers has since improved his standardized test score and with a strong finish this semester is on pace to qualify, a source said Thursday. Like any recruit, Byers would have to be cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center to enroll at a Division I program.

I don’t think he’s signed anything to my knowledge.

Right, unless the NCAA has changed it and I’m unaware of it. Gabe Richardson hasn’t signed anything that’s binding.

Only time he bound to Mizzou is when he walks into his first class in the fall.

Rice you are absolutely correct; he didn’t sign he just pledged to attend Missouri. Lots different in the two. My bad.

That’s three pretty good players the Tigers are getting from our backyard. I had hoped Bannister would walk on at the UofA.