Akail Byers

Beg pardon if this is a well plowed field. I don’t follow recruiting as closely as many. Was just curious about the Fayetteville DT. Did we offer? Was it just a matter of him jumping on the Bama offer and it was game over after that? Does he know Josh Frazier?

We haven’t offered due to academic concerns.


That field has been plowed more than…well you know what I mean.

Did not see him make much of an impact last night

He is a very, very, very good football player.

After all, Nick Saban offered him.

One of Arkansas’ best DTs in recent history (Philon) was someone that Alabama essentially waived.

But he - to my understanding - is lacking everything he needs to qualify and thus Arkansas chose not to take a chance.

We’ll see if that was the right decision down the line.

It is a two way street football and academics. If he can qualify at Bama he can Qualify at Arkansas! So I really don’t totally understand but if the powers at be pass on him let’s hope it don’t bit us.

Yeahp… Saban thinks he’s worth a shot but our coaches do not. Hmm, not sure about everyone else but Sabans opinion holds more weight than any of our coaches to me.

U guys are funny. U think ark coaches did t offer just because he can’t get into ark??
He will not qualify at any school. He will go to Jr college.
Ark is the same as other schools on grades

U guys really need to look up the word smart and try to be it .

have the same academic requirements per the SEC.

He either gets in or he doesn’t.

The NCAA’s opinion is the only one that counts in this instance

Who do you think has more margin for error? Who can miss on a kid because of grades? Who can afford to alienate the Fayetteville HS program if he so chooses, and never think twice about it? Who needs all the help he can get, now?

Wow you guys are sensitive. I’m just sharing my opinion, yes Alabama can afford the risk. Meanwhile we are getting turned down by 3 stars. Maybe we should try for the risk. But what do I know, I’m not a typical Arkansas fan who makes infinite excuses.

Not sensitive at all. Responded to your opinion with an opinion. Posed a number of questions that you didn’t answer.

A reason isn’t an excuse. You may not like that he didn’t offer the kid, but he has a clear reason.

Bama signed Kendell Jones in the 16 class. He’s now in JC.

Honest question, how is offering him, and him not making it, going to alienate anyone? I just don’t get this argument. We offer, we sign even, he doesn’t make it. OK, drats. Who is offended? We DON’T offer, isn’t that more likely to offend the good people at FHS?

One more question, since we probably aren’t going to sign 25 anyway, what is the risk? I really just don’t get it.

No joke. the next time check your IQ before you make remarks like an idiot.

It’s really simple. Happens every year all over the country. Team offers kid. He commits. Something happens (or doesn’t happen) and school pulls the offer. Kid and high school coach (and program’s supporters) get fired up about it. It happens a lot.

As for what it hurts, it’s one less player/spot you have helping you.

Many people would have labeled Greenlaw the last player in his class. He ended up helping, immediately.

You want all hands on deck, particularly when some of the fans have said from day 1 they hated you as the choice for HC and still would like for you to be replaced, immediately.

You may not agree with his reasoning, but just from a logic perspective, don’t you think he has what he feels are good reasons to not offfer a local kid with a Bama offer at a need position?

Don’t you think, just maybe, that he has thought about it and used the info he has at his disposal and came to an informed decision?

Are you talking to me? Check my IQ? Grow up.