Air Force Time of Possession last night

43:24. Wow!. Took the air right out of the Air Raid. Good job Fly Boys!

No one really wants to play that academy option. Air Force blocked it pretty well, too.

Love to watch them play! They play so hard and are so well-coached!

This was the only time I enjoyed watching Air Force play. This season has been one for the books. Every other year has been incredibly painful and too slow to watch. Their line was legit.

Even crazier, at 11-2, they didn’t win the Commander-in-Chief or their MWC division.

you’d have to be an OL coach to enjoy watching them play. I can only dream that our offensive line would come off the ball as hard as they do!

Didn’t beat Navy, which also won 10 games, didn’t beat Boise State.

Watching that game last night I thought about youdaman wanting our OL to fire off like Air Force. Their OL goes from 255 - 280. Amazing desire and ability. Of coarse those small guys would not fare so well in the SEC.

Terrific coaching and execution.

I really enjoyed watching Air Force play last night. Textbook execution of how to slow down a high-powered offense (of course, had Washington State executed better in the red zone…).

I agree with the thoughts on the offensive line. I watched a replay of our game against Texas in 1981, and our line was virtually exploding off the ball. Fun to watch. Of course, our line probably averaged 255 to 260 a man.

Now, it’s almost impossible for a lineman under 290 to be an effective starter in the SEC.

All of the option teams are like that,they fire off low which gains them leverage and then they drive their feet Non-Stop… they don’t stand up and catch the defensive lineman like we’ve been doing. I expect to see a difference with coach Pittman and Coach Davis.

Army destroyed Oklahoma with great low, leverage blocks two years ago but didn’t finish the deal. They were underneath the Sooners throughout that game and ate up a lot of clock. I don’t recall the time of possession in that game, but think it was similar to what Air Force did. But the Sooners somehow managed to squeak through.

Clay I remember that game army had the ball about 40 of the 60 minutes in regulation. You are right they absolutely destroyed them. The Dlineman are not used to people coming out low and hard on them that’s why those teams usually give everybody trouble.
Blocking always has and always will be about leverage whoever gets underneath first wins the battle every time.

People praise Leach for doing more with less, but he more than met his match last night.

LSU only had the ball for 19:31 against us last month in Baton Rouge. Of course they scored eight touchdowns in those 1171 seconds.

A F offense was like a modern day version of the original version of the Royal offense and it illustrates the importance of execution but I have a hard time believing that the AF offense would survive in the SEC. I would also argue this game was not so much about the failure of the Leach offense but more about the Leach defensive that simply could not stop AF.

Hard to know what offensive scheme is the best but most teams in this bowl season are spreading the field even if they are a run first offense. AF was the exception but even AF was spreading the field and to be honest their passing game was pretty good.

I think of the wishbone or flexbone as an equalizer, for two reasons. First, it’s rare. Everyone runs some version of the spread, air raid, or RPO. Most defenses see it everyday in practice. With practice time being limited already, it’s difficult to adequately prepare to defend it in two or three practices.

Which brings the second reason into play. Defending the option requires discipline. Fullback, quarterback, pitchman. That’s difficult to consistently maintain over 80 snaps.

Yeoman’s veer option at Houston was a solitary success also because it was/is unique which provokes media pundits to put in the old platitude of not being able to prepare for it because it is unique. AD’s invoke criticism for getting an option team on the schedule because it is just such a problem to prep for by coaching staffs and kids.

Triple option football is very effective when a team first gets into a conference because it is absolutely impossible for your scout team to replicate the speed and efficiency at which you’re going to run it…and defensive lineman absolutely hate going against it because they’re going to get their legs cut out from under them over and over again and they never see this when facing other teams.The more they see it the more they are able to prepare for it but until you have seen it a few times, you absolutely have no clue what you’re doing.