Air Force nailed for recruiting violations?

I did not think one of the 3 schools that has always paid players would get caught, but they violated the pandemic dead period.

Thought they were flying under the radar.


Never change, Pav. :joy:

Meanwhile, players are getting paid to come play for a school. What a joke. The NCAA is a farce.

What the hell are you talking about? Every Air Force/Army/Navy kid gets paid to go to school. But they still have to abide by dead periods, etc., and AFA didn’t.

Recruiting regulations are a joke. When you can buy players to come to your school, who is concerned about a dead period? Schools are buying players, so who cares if Air Force violated the dead period? Why worry about the dead period. There are no real recruiting rules anymore. Cheating has been approved. .

Army cares.


and Navy :sunglasses:


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