Ain’t over yet! Like I said!!

Come Hogs, keep swinging those bats!

Dang it! Bases loaded and just needed one more hit. Oh well. We’re in the game.
Now let’s get some outs and get back to the plate!


Probably is now

we have no bullpen whatsoever

Cronin is really good a lot more tha he is bad

But he has had bad innings both of last two Game Threes

He was lights out Game One

hes great but he will wear out I think,Power guys like him put a lot of stress on their Arm.also needs to work on that Cb so he can mix it in all you have is a FB these guys will hit just like they have the last 2 weekends

What an effort!
We had the tying run on second, just couldn’t get one more hit.
I’m sure they can’t wsit to get back home.

We didn’t even have to have a hit to score after the leadoff double

Fletcher’s pop up killed the inning

But I guess it wouldn’t have mattered since McFarland struck out

Terrible AB by Fletcher…right now, we’re not doing a lot of the little things. Our bats and Knight are what we’re riding. Still a lot of race left!

I have this theory about bringing back closers who have pitched multiple innings in one game in a weekend series. Most of the time I believe the second time around he will struggle. I know, there are pitchers can do it but I think they are special. The Ole Miss closer did it. However, I think his velocity was down in the second outing.

If I’m not mistaken, he didn’t pitch nearly as many pitches as Cronin in either game.