Ahhh here we go again.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … nt-future/

Qualls 2.0? Except Qualls actually was on some draft boards as a late second rounder.

If Macon decides to leave that’s going to be a huge blow. Here at Arkansas we gotta have our guys coming back if they aren’t getting drafted. We gotta be one of the programs that lose the most to leave early that have no shot of getting drafted. Sounds like he was upset about the question being asked as well, which was kinda weird, they ask everyone what do they think about the future right after the last game, it’s a pretty common question.

Reply: I don’t believe Daryl is leaving the program most likely he is upset with the lost, there are too many Little Rock guys that will be there next season that he has previous said he wanted to play with.

While I hope your right… the no comment thing means he’s planning on looking at his options. Last person that said “no comment” was Qualls. Even being upset he’s smart enough to know what saying that will get people talking. He was a hog fan when Qualls said it and knew how that went.

And from the sounds of the article he’s the one that kinda took it there. When they ask what do you think about the future of the program (which is a common question to all players at end of year), all he had to say was it’s looking good and nobody would have even asked follow up questions about him returning.

The way I take it is he is still upset over the way the game ended. Talking about next year so soon was kinda dumb if you ask me. He saw the way the fouls were, he wanted to say something at the news conference but thought better. I think he will be back.

Bob asked him about the talent coming back for next season.

He said “no comment.”

Bob then followed that up with a question about Daryl coming back.

Bob would not have been doing his job if he didn’t follow up on that.

Dudley, Bob Holt’s story posted above indicates that Bob asked a followup question asking if he was planning to come back next year, to which Macon responded “no comment”. Is the story incorrect?

The story is accurate as related to me.

Don’t see the disconnect

Daryl is a great player but he is prideful and passionate. I hope that he is just being emotional after the game. He may be thinking about leaving but he is not on any NBA talent lists that I know of so I hope cooler heads prevail. Thurman is on staff and can relate his story to Daryl. Daryl and Jaylen have a chance to be considered for pre-season ALL SEC and this tournament created visibility for them to support the recognition for next year.

Qualls had a kid (don’t know if Macon does), and Qualls tweeted about stop playing a kid and act like an adult and take responsibility for your family (not word for word, but you get the jest of what he was saying). At the time it was believed he was talking to Portis, but it fit Qualls situation as well. After that Tweet I argued with several (including Dudley on the old board) that Qualls would leave. I read it as he was having the realization that he was a father, and his kid was the priority.

Macon’s answer seemed different, he even said something like, man stop asking that question we just lost. I think Dudley is correct on this, I think him and Barford will declare and get feedback, then comeback, but again I don’t know either guys situation.

I read your post again. I had overlooked your last sentence about followup. You are right,

My theory is that if Portis had come back, Qualls would have come back, child or not. Once Portis declared, His ego probably swayed him to declare too. He probably couldn’t handle Portis declaring and him not.

I’m not sure. He is on record as saying he decided after Portis declared. For me, just from that Tweet, it sure seemed like he was looking elsewhere. Although, I believe if the rule about withdrawing his name would have been in effect, he would have declared and came back. I think he would have gotten hurt working out and came back while healing. We would have had him this year. Most talk about JaCorey, but don’t realize how close we were to haveing Qualls this year.