Agree with this quote?

Delete— merely spoke truth bout current status this country— was not political in that no political party comments represented the true situation we live in.I respectively resent its removal.I say again that the country I live in is not the country I grew up.The fact remains for whatever reason it is much easier to meet personal and family needs— without any personal effort to attain same than I grew up.

Truth is not the point here. Politics is the point. It doesn’t belong on this board and you brought it here. Want to talk politics, knock yourself out. Somewhere else.

And in my case (in Fayetteville) it was frequently uphill in a driving snow storm.

Now back to the quote, if it were stated as a generality rather than an absolutely end, I would be more inclined to agree. However, I do see an appreciable few young, hard-working, appreciative folks from time to time, and in every case I try to seek out their parents and congratulate them on their fine parenting job and the rewards of their labors.

A college student that does not agree with the statement can retire to their campus provided “Cry Room” to let their emotions flow because of the insult.

Agree with this quote
Also, the “Transfer Portal” has not helped kids push through hard times and competition to earn your position on the field.

I do not think it’s changed. I’ll take you back to the 50s and 60s just as it pertains to football. More quit in that day than now. Many more quit. Less than half of those who came to school on a football scholarship made it to the first game. The 25 Little Pigs were low in numbers because most quit. They were not tough enough.

Maybe they don’t ask them to do the same things today they did then, but I see physical practices and I know the winter and summer programs are really difficult. In the old days, they had tough August practices with emphasis on conditioning because there was none in the summer.

The hay fields still need young ones to work there. There are still construction crews that require common laborers. There are those doing those jobs.

I know all of the stories of laziness, too. But I saw half of my high school teammates as lazy when I was at Little Rock Central in the 1970-72. They weren’t tough.

I hear old coaches say that they couldn’t coach today the way they coached 30 years ago, but then there are others who say they never changed and it worked fine.

Being tough is not eliminating their water so they have to push through. Coaches were wrong in those days and we know that now.

Running Cleveland Hill is still one of the ways coaches on the UA campus get their teams ready. It’s tough. I don’t know anyone who quit in recent years. Maybe they did. But I think it’s not any different than 40 years ago.

No, we still have tough people. It’s still difficult to get through med school. Just as many people are doing it. Just as many are getting degrees for other things, too. I see people working around me willing to do whatever it takes to complete their job. They don’t complain. They are willing to work. That’s toughness in my eyes.

Tough times make tough people. Tough expectations and hard work to achieve them also make tough people. It helps if the family, friends, village, state, country, etc. encourages high expectations and striving to achieve those goals.

Are we as tough as our grand or great-grand parents who raised families during the Great Depression? Not even close.

Are we as tough as our parents or grand parents who went through WW2? Nope.

Are we as tough today as our parents or ourselves who inherited a revved up industrial base thanks to WW2 (when all of the competing countries in the world had theirs totally destroyed), watched a resulting booming USA economy for a couple of decades, assumed that was the way it would always be, and then was puzzled when competing economies in countries in Europe, Asia, & South America started taking away our manufacturing and industrial base? I suspect we may be tougher now than THAT generation. Lots of middle class jobs, big retirement pensions, and cheap goods from over seas made them fat and gave them an unrealistic expectation for the future.

We are now (unlike the first decade or two after WW2) facing fierce competition for manufacturing jobs, scientific research, and high tech industries mainly from China and Europe but from others as well. As those jobs leave, the middle class keeps shrinking, the people with poor or no jobs keep increasing, and the folks at the top of the pyramid continue to get richer. We are beginning to resemble a Third World Country with a small group at the top exploiting a very large group way, way, down below. The trade balance means that our cash is flowing away from our country and they (mostly China and Japan) are buying up lots of our real estate.

Meanwhile China’s middle class is growing while ours goes the other way. The difference is that our under class has the power to vote in folks who will take from the rich and give to the poor. The Indians and Chinese don’t. So, Socialism is a very real threat, probably the logical result of the direction our economy is going, and it will generate the tough times required to generate tough people who can survive. The tough time pendulum is about to swing the other way and it will take care of creating tough people. JMVVVVVHO.

Definitely YES!

And I agree with Sackett, did not think his post was political.

Yes I do.

The current system that dismisses personal accountability for one’s actions is totally wrong. Life has winners and losers, not participation trophies and ribbons.

The lack of respect for our teachers is almost unbelievable. The schools lack support from the children’s parents, so it’s not surprising that discipline and good behavior are the exception rather than the rule.

If things are tough, this new generation runs and hides behind Mommy and Daddy. Pass out the ribbons and trophies. Everything is going to be fine. NOT

No security when I attended high school. Pretty much the norm now days.

Hogmodo, i am 83 years old and do not recall any American politician who as you stated take anything from the rich and give to the lower class. I fear the 1 and a half Billion Chinese consumers will make China the worlds largest economy very soon.

Bernie Sanders is the best example currently along with a horde of even more liberal Democratic Presidential Candidates except Biden. From Medicare for all, to all college loans forgiven, to free college for all, there are dozens of Socialist “Give Aways” being promised and they can only be paid for by taxing the rich. THAT is what I am afraid is on the horizon for our country.

I concede some have been proposed, but I see few if any actually exist. But I do remember when the idea of Social Security, Minimun wages, Workman’s comp, Unemployment Insurance and such were considered “Socialist” evil ideas.

To Mods. I will drop this issue now. Sorry.

You have to have balance. You can take care of the ones who really need it without becoming France. The radical left in the Democratic party just scares me and I am afraid they are going to get the power to pad their voting box by jacking up the National Debt.


I have had the opportunity to work with millennials over the last few months. Everything I do I must look at it through another lense as to not offend anyone or invade someone’s safe space. I worked with a team of people who were in sales but did not want to be called salespeople because it was too aggressive! They didn’t have quota’s to achieve or low versus high performers were not evaluated. They had tremendous employee satisfaction on Glassdoor. People loved working there but I couldn’t find anyone having a specific responsibility to achieve.

That said, we act like they have been dropped here from another planet. We don’t know where they came from when they are our sons and daughters that we raised. We have to take a lot of the responsibility in how they are. I did see less of this from the ones who played sports. They seemed to get overcoming challenges. I wonder if the new transfer portal will hurt this as it is just another way to “pick up your ball and bat” and go somewhere else. rather than fighting for your spot. Some of these kids are at three or more schools.

My last point is I hope we are complaining the way our parents did about the youth from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and for the most part each of these generations have turned out OK. It’s what gives me hope!