Agim, Ramsey, Gibson, Whaley, and D Wise

Wow…thank heavens - The Auburn game WAS a fluke, a total anomaly. Huge credit to the coaching staff for making the changes and for getting these young guys involved. In addition to the youth movement, Deatrich finally looked like the player we all expected! I’m really proud of how our entire team and coaching staff responded to that nightmare two weeks ago. Next week is now a game to determine the pecking order behind Bama - and will have a huge effect on bowl placement as well as recruiting. WPS!!!

The defensive changes, Ledbetter, Agim and Ramsey, with Gibson on offense turned out so well one wonders why it took nine games for it to happen.

Next week will be tough, unfortunately. Watched the Bama/LSU game last night and LSU for the longest was ready for everything Bama threw at them and then kinda fell apart in the 4th quarter. Hope they lose the intensity they played with last night.

With regards to “intensity” and “emotion,” I am starting to think there is something to the idea Danny Sheridan was talking about how there is only so many times a coach can get a team to “play up” in terms of emotion each year. LSU put everything they had into the Bama game last night. They may have spent that token last night. Danny Sheridan is a smart man, and I think he’s onto something.

And I am convinced that TJ Hammonds, when they design a play for him where someone is not assigned to get a flag for holding, will join that group of names with a vengeance.

I agree about the changes taking so long to happen. Why was it Gibson had to go to CBB for a chance? I thought it was interesting he didn’t get the chance from Anderson? It probably isn’t anything nefarious so Anderson probably has learning curve issues.

Treat, I think Anderson was in there for him. It was Enos holding out. It took the Boss to over rule him.


He’s had 10 carries for 48 yards this season. Only once was a penalty called.

Per their own comments, neither were on board for JG.

Then JG goes to BB, KA says let’s give it a shot, DE watches Tuesday and Wednesdays practice and comes aboard as well.

I won’t whine about the WHY anymore because the important part is that it worked.

You guys are right about TJ Hammonds. I was blown away with his speed! The way he turned that corner was something we haven’t seen. It was a shame it was called back because that was a terrific run. You have to be excited about our running backs! Also, I was impressed with the smart play by Jared Cornelius. His stats won’t show it but he was very very smart on some of those punts and really protected our field position. Cornelius is a player!

I can recall two penalties on plays he carried/touched the ball, and there might have been others. The first I recall was when he lined up as QB and a motion penalty killed the play; the second was this Saturday. OP might have been correct, Duds.


[/quote]Is this a function of preferring older guys to younger guys?

You always see a few great practice players who may not be great when the lights come on. Conversely, there are always a few poor practice players who become world beaters when the lights come on. I don’t know if that is the case with Gibson or not, but that could be a possibility. I’ve heard frequently that under CBB, players earn there playing time during practice week.

If Matt Jones hadn’t been the last man standing to play QB, he may have never seen the field for Nutt that year. From everything I’ve read, Matt was a lousy practice player. But, man was he ever a great game player.