I think App. State may beat them. Ridiculous. Jimbo’s team is really not showing well today.

Great day so far for the Sun Belt, with the exception of Jonesboro Tech which got drilled by the Suckeyes.

8 minutes left in the game. A&M has run 2 plays in Appalachian State territory.

App State dropped a sure TD pass but got a FG to take the lead with 8:05 left.

Long App State drives too. Can we be successful running on them and controlling TOP? Wonder what the final time of possession was today.

App State must have a solid NIL program.


Our time of possession? 34:38.

App’s TOP is 37+ already.

Doubtful, but they have a solid coach, which A&M doesn’t.

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And they have a QB. Aggies don’t.


Dumb roughing the passer call on App. Don’t give the refs a chance to screw you

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Yep. Just awful.


Aggies have a long field goal try to tie it up – and duffed it!

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LOL. Gaggies.

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Replace divot please


I say bad call there.

Guy’s plant foot slid … .feel bad for the guy, but not for the Aggies.

I’m lovin this

Reminded me of one of my wedge shots where I hit the big ball (covered in dirt) before I hit the little white ball.

There qb has missed bad!!!

I hope we never schedule App State……