Aggies vs. Hogs 2021 SWC title-game thread

Woo Pig Sooie!!

Let’s go Hogs. Looks like a 2:45 kick off time

yeah I always hate when they have a game on before and give only 3 1/2 hrs for it …very rarely do they last less than that.SECN does it right with 4 hr windows


11 a.m.
3 p.m.
7 p.m.

Would seem logical to me

I’m sure the Boise and Utah State players “loved” starting at 9 .am. their time this morning for the 11 a.m. CST kickoff window

Looking for our defense to have a big day today. Need them to have a big day. Time for Odom to show the national audience he is the best Def coordinator in the country.

Yeah but CBS is always been 2:30 so we know that ain’t going to change.

KJ just need to take care of the ball and not try too hard to make the big play. He will be very excited and that can happen sometimes when you are. I’ll be shocked if we can run the ball on them very well so the game is going to be in his hands

Crap you have to make that tackle let him run for three more yards and get that stinking first down!!!

Lots of missed tackles to start the game

Finally…good tackling

That’s what I’m talking about Odom bring that pressure he ain’t going to be able to deal with it

Are you kidding me!!! You can’t hold out there in the wide open in front of everybody

Second 11 and you going to try to run the ball?? And then come back with a two yard out route to your tight end… we got to do better than that

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Wired up Youdaman over/under on posts this game?



Yeah I’m a lil hyped up… I was hoping to get a touchdown on that drive we had people open down the field on that pass I thought we’d come back to it

Gotta love Billy’s passion…

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Yeah once a coach always a coach . My mind is out on the field right now but I can’t do anything about it here on the couch lol

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Love the swish from Cam Little after the field goal


three is better than none but we had them on the ropes I think if we’d have kept throwing the ball down the field we would have scored