Aggies versus LSU

Our game with LSU is over, but the Aggies did to Freshmen QB’s what I thought Odom would have schemed against LSU when we played. I know COVID-19 really tied Barry’s hands, but the lack of pressure really allowed the quarterback to show a far different game. The Aggies really made both youngsters look pretty inept, with well disguised blitzes and strong defensive line play. Hopefully we will soon be able to attack in a similar fashion. While the read and react scheme was great against Ole Miss, I think we need to be able to apply pressure.


We’ll never know how that game would have turned out if we’d had our normal defensive line. Almost won it anyway but we did not get much pressure.

We were very limited on Dline against LSU and fortunate none of the new young starters got injured. But I also thought we would throw more pressure at the LSU QB later in the game. It was evident it worked when LSU was inside our 10 yd line and we blitzed him and he threw an errant pass, next play we sat back and he throws a TD there.
But I’m not going to question our coaches schemes and game calling especially during this weird season. They know best what they are working with.

We definitely don’t have the depth the Aggies have.

Although the subs played great , we probably would have won with our normal defensive line, and of course our depth would have been much better. On the other hand, our normal DL hasn’t gotten much pressure on anyone all year.

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