Aggies v State

I guess that the game is actually going to happen? It appears that its still on best I can tell?

Yes I think it is going to happen. Will be interesting to see how the Aggies look.

Seems so. I heard last night that among the issues the Aggies have had was that the winter storm shut down the lab that does their COVID tests for a few days. When the lab got back in business, ran the swabs and – oops – more positive tests.

Since they had senior day last Saturday vs LSU, they need to do something special this weekend. Maybe all the seniors come out together before the rest of the team or some kind of special recognition. They are a very special group that deserve a second sendoff.

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That seems on par for the aggies

Aggie tweets this morning indicate game is on as scheduled.

Honestly, I am shocked that they are actually going to play. I guess they MIGHT make it up to the hill on saturday?

If Baylor is any indication, they’ll look bad tonight and not much better Saturday.

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