Aggies taking vote to (or not to) play Texas in Football again

Don’t be stunned if the vote comes back “No”. It would be the biggest middle finger the Ags could send to Austin.

“We don’t need you any more . . . “blank” off!”

The reality is that it’s Texas - not A&M - that is really Jonesing for this game to be re-established. The Tea-sips HATE the positive press the Aggies have gotten since their move to the SEC and are jealous of all that attention. They don’t like being second most high profile program in the state, which they have become. … s-a-m-game

A&M’s president has come out in favor of renewing the series, but that may just be political doubletalk to appease the sips (and the legislature).

It will be a mistake, but A/M will probably fall for it being who they are…

Texas A+M would have to play all the SEC West teams, 2 SEC Eastern teams and a rapidly improving Texas program every year. That would be a tough deal for any school. A+M has gotten a lot of pub for accomplishing really not a lot in the SEC. They would be wise to maintain the status quo.

Send them an email and let them know they can play SF Austin instead. I hate the Longhorns!

Just so long as it isn’t N. Texas!!!


If this game gets put into the Thanksgiving weekend; count me for it. Anything to bring the LSU game back to Black Friday. Besides, I’m pretty sure Mizzou would rather play the Jayhawks that weekend, as well.

But there’s one of the major rubs -as I mentioned above - scheduling.

When A&M came into the SEC, the conference very obviously bent over backward to accommodate their wishes by displacing our annual game with LSU (almost always played on Black Friday) and instead hooking LSU and the Aggies up that weekend. This is what both schools and the Conference wanted, and it is going to be hard to disrupt this soon.

Over the next 10 years, Texas already has games scheduled with 7 SEC schools (us once, LSU, Alabama and Georgia home-and-home), in addition to home-and-homes with Ohio State AND Michigan! Of course, that’s on top of their Big 12 schedule.

So, if the Aggies and Horns are going to play (in the regular season) in the next decade, it will be in a season where they are also playing a big name rival school, AND it would be an early season game - not the traditional Turkey Day classic that they wax nostalgic about.

It’s not impossible that Texas might get out of a game to accommodate the Aggies, but who of that group do you drop? I’m sure someone will say us (Arkansas), because of what happened with Michigan. But we are only one date, one year. And surely, they’d want AT LEAST a home and home situation. So, it makes more sense to cancel one of their home-and-home opponents. I’m not sure which team (LSU, Bama, Georgia, Michigan or Ohio State) your fans and program would rather drop in favor of the Aggies.

I’d be surprised if they played again for several years, just for that reason.

You are right Wiz. Football schedules are made so very far in advance that restarting the teasippers vs. aTm could not begin for several years.