Aggies secure best recruting class ever

How so? I think it hurts them. Players would have an expectation that the school couldn’t meet. Players wouldn’t believe them and think they’re holding out. I don’t see how it helps.

I do

I think that is wrong. I have a friend that has a son that is an Aggie Alum and he donated $100,000 to the slush fund and he is not even wealthy.

if one can donate $100,000 to a "slush fund"that is wealthy…imo

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What’s amazing is the push to be a politician that Fisher demonstrates.
My bad for not being able to copy and paste his statements but can be easily read by whosoever.
The last 3 paragraphs from Fisher (attempting to deny???) any & all association to charges allocated towards him or the utam regarding ill means of obtaining the #1 recruiting class.
He fills three paragraphs full of mumbo-jumbo but doesn’t deny nor agree, just implies how appalled he is of the allegations.
We’re not to judge nor accuse on this site and I’m not doing either.And he does have a good gig going, no doubt. I just think he’s funny! Read between the lines people

This will just add to the failures of Old Jim Bo. Like Grease Ball Cal he will get the least results with the most talent!
Karma has him pegged for selling out to the devil and winning a National Championship ship with a Boy Scout that Florida State paid the victim a settlement of over a cool Million and old choir boy Whinston did nothing wrong.

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You won’t hear “and now the rest of the story” around there. LOL

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