Aggies secure best recruting class ever

including 7 five star players. Yes…7 five star players.

I guess the Aggies signing 7 five-star players means they will choke in more sophisticated ways.


They signed the best class that money could buy… With all the NIL gray areas and lack of any real structures to provide equal footing, I see this getting way out of hand. I’m reminded of the Florida Marlins that I think spent a ton of money and basically bought a World Series. Lets see if TAM will have similar return on their investments.

There should be a limit on 5 star players going to one team. Few agree with me.

Yeah now they got to coach them that’s where they usually screw it up LOL they lost a ton off of their defense I do not expect them to be that great next year

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So next year the Texas Orange team will shoot for at least eight 5* recruits.

How are you going to enforce that, Fred? Especially since player ratings are completely subjective. You could get around it by bribing analysts to downgrade your recruits.

The stupid Aggies will kill college football if this keeps up. They have a ton of rich alums that will donate thru the roof to feed their little egos. The Aggies have not been a factor in college football since 1938,

Let’s see what kind of return on investment they get.

So far their return on investment with Jimbo is not so hot…


Could have been worse. LSU signed a 5-star LB from Houston today who they flipped from A&M.

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I give up. My son said he had heard the price they paid for their five stars was thirty million. We can’t pay that in NIL.

Clay has said their NIL budget is $2 million, not $30 million. Of course it’s in the Aggies’ interest to let that incorrect info circulate.

Aggies can’t count that high. :flushed:

Well let’s just go ahead and pencil him in for the national championship game for the next 3 or 4 years lol

Jimbo denounces NIL rumors

Me either

The dude protesteth to much, methinks…

I have little respect for Jimbo, mainly due to his coddling of J. Winston, but I have to admit that was a pretty good rant. I’m sure it will serve it’s purpose to rile up his troops and win over his fan base and also help distract some focus from his underachieving career in Aggieland thus far.

It should also make for must see TV when Lane brings his team of floppers into College Station next season. Had the guts to call out St. Nick, too.

But at the end of the day, he’s still Jimbo. So hopefully, even with an overabundance of talent and resources, he still continues to figure out a way to hold them back and screw it up

Now wait Jimbo went on air saying it was all BS calling out Saban & Kiffin for instigating that rumor. Gotta believe him right???