Aggies QB outlook

TAM is starting walk on in bowl game without experience. Next year they will have the LSU starter who beat them this year, top rated five star signee and the guy who was starting this year before getting injured. They will not have the guy who beat Bama in game of his life. This will be first time the QB Whisper Jimbo will have surplus of QB talent to compete for the starting role backed up by exceptional recruiting classes.

Texas better start ramping up as the Aggies are not going to be Kansas when they enter the SEC.

Maybe, Jimbo has not earned the big bucks yet. And Aggies will be Aggies.

Sure, they can get great QB’s, but can they keep them? Or at least enough to be insulated from the injury bug. That is the Achilles heel that can ruin a potential national championship.

TX has ramped up, probably more talent but not as much experience as Ags. TX got the million dollar tOSU transfer (Quinton Ewers) and lost Casey Thompson who became starter after Card was exposed playing Hogs. Maalik Murphy 5 star recruit tops A&M star, so TX did reload QB. Ewers could not crack OSU, kinda like Williamson could not crack WR and will probably eventually succeed beyond what the ceiling on Thomspon was.

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