Aggies offense sluggish (so far)

They are up 7-0 against Sam Houston mainly due to turnover by Sam Houston. Aggie QB not impressive so far. But I expect them to pull away.

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Not really impressed with Haynes King at QB. Aggies O line ain’t that great either.

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Their QB doesn’t have any zip on his passes. A$M better have another one because this guy isn’t going to get them anywhere.

Raises the question about NIL money inequity causing locker room issues. I’d hate that for them. Sam Houston should be a pushover. :joy:

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I do believe AR recruited him pretty hard.

Interesting. I don’t see the arm talent but I’m no scientific rocket. :smiley:

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Isn’t Sam Houston dead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Think they actually won an FCS title of a couple of years ago. They have a good football program for a smaller school.

I was talking about General Sam Houston, lol. My jokes aren’t going over well today.

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