Aggies now 0-3 in SEC play

LSU hit a last-second three to beat A&M today at College Station.

Goes with what I said a week ago: The SEC will be a two-month war. A&M was expected to finish very high in the league. LSU picked to finish last. Yet LSU gets a road win.

I believe Aggies have 3 startes suspended/injured. That is the reason for 0-3 start.

If the Aggies ever get back to full strength they would have the best team in the SEC. They’re going to be out of the race for the conference title by then though, it looks like.

We’re 1-2 with 6 seniors and no one injured. Nice

And pretty lucky to be 1-2

2 excellent Srs.
1 average Sr.
3 below average Sr.