Aggies look pretty good....

Early at least. Good QB play, decent running game, and they’ve got a pass rush, it seems. Won’t be easy beating the Aggies. But we need to.

Yes they do and as you say - it’s early

Arkansas needs to put order back into the universe and beat them 3 out of 4 times they play like they did in the good old days

I’m all in for the next three years being Arkansas Victorys before they smell another one against Arkansas followed by three more years of losses until Jesus returns

Is UCLA any good? They have the big-name QB but not much else that I can see. Can’t hang on to the ball either.

UCLA is having poor at best play by the Oline and they are loose with the balll.
Texas A&M has 10 points off turnovers.
Aggie QB has thrown one deep yet

The rich kids from Westwood don’t want to get dirty. Too soft. Big name sorry team over hype.

Hate to say it. But I am pretty sure UCLA has equal O line talent if not better. And gracious knows we didn’t set the world on fire against FAMU. Starting to get worried.

If you struggle against FAMU at any moment, definitely will against the Aggies.

They look good. But UCLA also looks pretty horrible.

UCLA doesn’t look good, but A&M’s defensive speed and offensive line have really stood out. Trayveon Williams is my second-favorite back to watch in the SEC behind Guice.

Of course, A&M always looks like world beaters in September.

Good reason to worry. Hope it’s a good week of practice.

beat FAMU close to what we did. Aggies aRE world beaters in Sept, not just look like… We also play them in Sept, we got to face the task at hand and man up… On the road and kicking butt and taking names. Im not a Mora fan, feel like his Dad’s nepotism set the Saints back years and years to give his kid Alex Molden instead of taking Eddie Geroge, so I hate the Aggies but don’t have a whole lot to complain about. Hate those generalizations like Westwood rich kids and translating that to not being tough. Not true on either count. UCLA is much tougher than FAMU, so hopefully this serves as motivation to get on the Aggies early and get on em hard.

At this point the two Aggie QBs are 7 of 20 for 69 yards, with rushing for -7. “Good QB play” is a severe exaggeration. They’re handing the ball off and getting out of the way. If we can keep their backs from running wild (which is supposed to be what the 3-4 is about), we can beat these clowns.

Why worry? Coach B has a 5th year QB and a team that is made up almost exclusively with his recruits.

He has TCU at home and gets the Aggies after an open date with a brand new QB.

Why worry? He has HIS team and the table is set for him to produce.

yeah you are back with your insightful positive comments :evil:

Agree with Swine. Who knows how good UCLA is? Better than FAMU, of course. But winning this game does not guarantee a victory for them September 23 at Jerry’s World. They may win again, but anybody who thinks ANY SEC game is going to be easy has not been watching the league much lately (well, except the Auburn game last year).


If that post had something negative in it please enlighten me.

After watching Auburn they not that impressive either. The hogs have a better chance to beat the Aggies this year. Of course I think and say that every year. Swine is right stop the run and you can beat the Aggies. The same applies to Auburn and LSU. I’d expect it to be a dogfight in every game.
Sumlin is coaching for his job this year. He may also need to be saving some cash like Herman at Texas.
Jackson Reid. Your post was positive and full of the facts.

Aggies being Aggies, they’re trying to choke this game away. They’d have to give up two touchdowns in the last five minutes, but that’s certainly not impossible. Nebraska darn near did it against ASWho last night.

This game is a microcosm of Kevin Sumlin’s entire time at College Station.

Switched over the VT-WV when it was 44-10 because it looked like UCLA was going to lay down and let aTm do whatever they wanted. Incredible they let this turn into a ballgame. I don’t understand why Sumlin didn’t just run the ball every play. They just kept thowing incomplete passes, saving clock for UCLA.

UN-freaking-believable. Less than 3 minutes on the clock and they throw another incompletion. I thought Sumlin wouldn’t survive this year, now I’m not sure he’s going to survive this week.