Aggies favored by 2.5


Not sure I see that. Yeah we have trouble stopping people, but they have trouble scoring on people and their passing game isn’t great.

The O/U is 48 to 48.5 depending on which book. Along with the odds that would suggest an Aggie win by 26-23, somewhere around there.

Proves or a Point that we are Not there yet!

Maybe in our eyes but not the rest of the country!

I always wonder what the odds would be if only the two fanbases were betting. In this game, I suggest a more representative fan baseline would be even if not the Razorbacks giving 2.5 points. The line is built to bring money, and if I were a betting Razorback Fan I would take those points with a big smile understanding the game is still to be played. I feel the Razorbacks will win by no less than a touchdown based on our QB, Receivers, Offensive line and a Bruising RB with a stable of alternates with a seasoned defense focused on giving their QB fits by pressure.

Relevant A&M stats:

208 passing yards per game, 4 TDs in 3 games.

Allowing 35 minutes of possession per game, meaning their defense can’t get off the field.

Registered four sacks, allowing 5 sacks.

Allowing 154 YPG rushing, 4.0 average. Gaining 107 YPG rushing.

As for your question about the fanbases, I think the A&M money would push the line higher on their side.

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Great stuff, Swine! Thanks for sharing relevant info…

Possession time is not relative to one side of the ball. It is a combination of two offenses and two defenses.

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Agreed. Defense can’t get off the field and offense can’t stay on it. has the line at hogs +2 and O/U at 48.5. I generally don’t bet on hog games, but I don’t see any way they stay under 24-24. I expect something like 31-28, maybe 38-34, so I will prob take the over. Although I might wait until they put out team totals. Based on the current numbers the hogs team total should be 23 1/2 or 24, might bet that over instead.

Everywhere I look it appears to outsiders that it’s an Aggie home game. That will move money in that direction. And for the odd’s makers knowing it’s in Texas I’m sure moves the line Aggie way some.

I think there is plenty of respect for the Razorbacks in general public. I honestly hear more negativity for our team from Arkansas fans than I do from general fans of college football.

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I think our best chance at winning we will be holding AM to less that 20 pts. I like the O/U. That’s a tough pick.

This suits me. More chip on the shoulder fodder for Pitt to use.

TURNOVERS! If we are +2 we no doubt win